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Inexpensive. Scalable. Useable.


Graphene is an incredible material with many desirable properties such as high electrical and thermal conductivity and high strength; however it is difficult and expensive to produce. Until now.

In addition, graphene on its own isn’t very useful. Its properties are fully harnessed once incorporated into other materials, and this is what we do best.

Graphene. Commercially viable.




Our USP lies in the ability to produce and incorporate graphene into a composite material, quickly, cheaply and at scale - making it useful immediately.

Via our patent-pending process, the cost per gram of graphene in the composite is less than $1.50.

This enables revolutionary applications of pre-existing graphene based nanocomposites to become commercially viable.


Live and help live.


Just as the bicycle amplified our ability to move and the computer accelerated our ideas, theories and thoughts, we want to do the same for the materials we rely on every day.

We strive to apply the scientific method to solve problems pertinent to the development of our global society, in order to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible.


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